The Ascended Kingdom tells the tale of an island nation floating in the sky, during the time of a budding alliance with their bitter enemy.

Take control of four people: a guard, a physician’s assistant, a spy, and the foreign woman sent to marry the Isles’ king.


  • A branching storyline where your choices matter
  • Diverse and engaging characters
  • 17,688 words (in demo chapter)
  • Text-based


This is a demo, containing the first chapter of an interactive novel that is currently in development. After playing the demo, please consider replying to the survey below which will help us make this game the best it could be!

Or you could leave a comment on this page - we're interested in knowing what you think! 

EDIT: we're currently experimenting with the page design and have added a mock-up for you all to see. However, nothing in the demo's design has not been changed.

Thank you!
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